Monday, 31 May 2021


The joy of creating

Handcrafting is an art and a talent that is so unique. Imagine the pieces made of handicrafts, like a bracelet made out of ceramic beads or a doll made out of needle felting. Picturing that kind of art and beauty in your mind makes your day joyful. From the name itself, you know that this art is made by hand, which makes it more unique from other art types. 

Needle felting is a craft made using a needle and fibres from wool. Felt can be represented in anything from vehicles to instruments to picture outlines and to make caps, coats, embellishments, pads, and folders, yet its most exciting use is likely, to make dolls and sculptures. 

Animals are popularly made with dry felting because their fluffy hair and hide are effectively duplicated utilizing wool. The needle felting process can change wool into realistic looking animals, food, trees, and many other things.